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Find the affordable alternative to the clutter of ill-fitting and cookie-cutter styles available in the market today.


Our suits are designed keeping “YOU” in mind. The old-world craftmanship and quality ensure the perfect look.


Good fabric matters the most and we insist on using the finest quality DiCamillo and Guabello Italian fabrics for our products.

How it works

Select Your Fabric

Explore our selection of premium DiCamillo and Guabello Italian fabrics.

Design Your Suit

Select the lining, buttoning, lapels and other details.

Insert Your Measurements

Use our self-help videos and input your measurements. If you already know your size, select from standard sizes.

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Our Premium DiCamillo and Guabello Italian Fabrics

Finest, Custom-Made Suits

From design to manufacturing, at Suitara our focus is on providing unrivalled quality, perfect craftsmanship, and customized fit at affordable prices. Design your tailored suit online using the finest DiCamillo and Guabello Italian fabrics and get a luxuriously detailed suit delivered to your doorsteps.

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